Battlefield 4 Hack

Here it is. The most anticipated cheat release is now available! Play Battlefield like you never have before.

Have ALL your weapons and kits unlocked in HOURS not weeks. The 360 field of view will allow perfect visibility from behind you or durectly in front of you. You will always know where your opponents are on the map whether the enemy is hiding in a house or coming at you from behind. Our chams make the models glow, so you can always see every player even if they hide behind a solid object.

While other websites are getting all their members banned with an aimbots, our site has had no FairFight bans or Punk Buster bans due to only allowing members to only use a full ESP hack.

Snipe from the other side of the map or use the auto knife for an assassin like kill. You will own the Battlefield.





Battlefield 4 Hacks

iwc-checkmarked ESP
* Nametags
* Distance
* Bounding Boxes
* Bounding Box Width
* Healthbars
* Fade

iwc-checkmarked Anti-Cheat
* SS Cleaner
* Punk Buster ByPass
* FF Tips & Tricks

iwc-checkmarked Removals
* Sky
* Fog
* Recoil
* Spread
* Sun
* Shake

iwc-checkmarked Aimbot
* Selectable Bone ( BF4 Rotating BoneScan )
* Selectable Aim Key
* BulletDrop
* Visibility Checks
* Stick to target
* AutoSwitch
* Aimspot


BF4 Aimbot

So many sites offer a full BF4 aimbot and all their users end up getting detected. Our coder put together a full aim assist feature that will automatically fire for you when your cross-hair is over the enemy. All the bullets fire in random and various bones so your not banned by PunkBuster or FairFight during play.

BF4 Cheats

Our BF4 cheats allow you to always see the enemy no matter where they are located on the map. You can easily see the players behind objects using our ESP which will draw a box around each player. The ESP allows you to see the enemy coming around a corner or towards you so you can prepare to aim and fire before they know what hits them.

Unlock Everything

Rank up fast and unlock everything in the game, most of our players end up having all weapons and ranking above 100 in just a few weeks. So sign up now, stay undetected and let us make Battlefield 4 more fun for you.

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BF4 Hack Review Hack for Battlefield 4 | The Best BF4 Cheat and Aimbot SKU UPC Model

Best BF4 cheats ever

by Tom

These are the best BF4 cheats I ever used, thanks so much for making my game better. I didn't really like BF4 as much as I did BF2 until I finally found iwantcheats. I wasn't sure at first if I could trust the site but after I gave it a try I was very happy.

Nice BF4 hacks

by John

I've had the BF4 hack for 2 weeks now and ranked up about 60 spots to over 100. I love the hack and I've never been detected or banned once. The best thing is being able to see everyone at all times.

BF4 Hack is the best!!!!

by Youseeudeadnow

Thank you so much I have been looking for a Battlefield 4 hack that didn't suck and get me banned I went through FOUR accounts till I found this site and I can't thank you enough for making this BF4 hack and making one that works and is undetected. Thank you!!!!


by kidkilla247_1

k i tried like 3 other sites before finding this site and this is the only site that has a working hack for bf4 and i know this cause other sites got me banned and they suck but you guys havent been using since few days after bf4 came out

Best Hacks

by Andrew Feder

I am so glad that i found this website! Ive been using these hacks since battlefield 4 came out and do not regret it at all. tysm ! much love - gamer

Best yet

by Nick W

these hacks are the best yet, and make the game much more enjoyable to play. In love with this site !


by Juan

Absolutely obsessed with the visibility check hack! I've been using this hack for a week and I can not stop using it!

ESP best hack

by Hunter

with ESP I have rarely ever lost a game! This in my opinion has to be one of the best hacks! I recommend everyone uses this hack!


by Kelly

Totally loving the Ingame Map ESP! Shows you all the enemies on the map! Helps so much! Thank you!

Can see everything!!

by Kill_Thingz

Never used a hack before that ESP is freaking awesome! Can see and kill everyone first and after a few hours unlocked everything. Def using hacks from now on ty

5.0 5.0 14 14 These are the best BF4 cheats I ever used, thanks so much for making my game better. I didn't really like BF4 as much as I did BF2 until I finally found iwantcheats. I wasn't sure BF4 Hack Review